Alex Nedelescu, Grade 8 was recognized at the 31st Annual Worcester County Community Breakfast, Honoring The Legend, Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. at Quinsigamond Community College for his essay titled “Agape Love.”   The essay focused on MLK’s message that community love is a powerful force.

St. Mary’s Parish Respect Life Ministry awarded Grade 7 and 8 Student essays winners for their insightful essays  submitted on the following topics:  “When It Comes to Physician Prescribed Suicide:Why I Am Pro-life” and  “When It Comes to Abortion:Why I Am Pro-life”.

Grade 7:  1st:  Mackenzie Collins, 2nd:  Ciara Boyle, 3rd:  Danielle Kane, 4th:  Matthew Kiley

Grade 8:  1st:  Christian Siciliano, 2nd:  Rilie Saba, 3rd:  Amanda Lo, 4th:  Axel Johnson

middle school math invitational

Our Math Team competed in the Saint John’s Middle School Math Invitational in early November.   We sent four students to compete with 25 different schools and over 300 students. Saint Mary School finished in Third Place overall. 

Keith Chan, Class of 2015 – Perfect Score in the Individual Round of the 2014 Saint John’s Middle School Math Invitational

Noetic Math

In November of 2015, Grades 3 through 6 participated in the Noetic Learning Math Contest, a problem solving contest for elementary and middle school students.  The goal of the contest is to generate excitement about math and allow children to demonstrate their proficiency in math problem solving.  The competition challenges students to solve 20 problems within a 45 minute span.  We are pleased to announce the following Team Winners, National Honor Roll Recipients and Honorable Mention Recipients:


Team Winners:  NivaSethi (3), CeceJarry, Bridget MacDonough& Thomas McGlinchy (4), Victor Nedelescu (5), Dina Yacoub&NikholasSrnka (6)

National Honor Roll:  NivaSethi (3), Victor Nedelescu (5)

Honorable Mention: Angela Hickson (3), Jonathan Karam (3), Jason Malo (3), Mackenzie Berg (4), MaanyaChitrapu (4), Marianna Flores (4), CeceJarry (4), Bridget MacDonough (4), Thomas McGlinchy (4), Sabrina Boyle (5), Nolan Hughes (5), Lily Perkins (5), Dina Yacoub (6), Kate Calderwood (6), Rocco Hickson (6), NikholasSrnka (6),  Collin Chillo (6)

New england mathematic league

Congratulations to our 7th grade Math students!  They placed 3rd in the region in the school standings which includes schools from Worcester, Hampshire, Berkshire and Franklin Counties. 

Congratulations to our 8th grade Math Students!  They also placed 3rd in our region for the school standings.   In addition, 8th grader Alex Nedelescu placed 2nd in our region and 11th overall in the league for 8th grade students.


Congratulations to our 13 Grade 6 - 8 Students who participated in the Diocese of Worcester Speech Declamation Competition at St. Peter-Marian Junior-Senior High School!

The Students represented Saint Mary School well as they were successful in a variety of oratory categories.

Grade 6

  • Isabel George: Poetry Reading - 2nd place, Prelutsky Poems

Grade 7

  • Isabella Villani: Children's Literature - 2nd place, Strega Nona
  • Camryn Hughes & Ciara Boyle: Play Reading - 3rd place, Matilda
  • Margaret Sullivan: Poetry Reading,  Prelutsky Poems

Grade 8

  • Aliya Larkin: Children's Literature - 3rd place, The Lorax
  • Axel Johnson & Noel Abalos: Duo Interpretation, Citizen's Arrest
  • Rilie Saba: Original Oratory - 2nd place, Vaccination Controversy
  • Grace Clifford & Amanda Lo: Play Reading - 2nd place, Little Women
  • Alex Nedelescu: Poetry Reading - 2nd place, The Highwayman
  • Maria Hickson: Prose Reading - 2nd place The Fountain of Fair Fortune