Extracurriculars at St. Mary School

Our students are well-rounded and busy!  Every day the students at St. Mary School can be found actively pursuing their interests outside of our regular academics.   There are any number of activities, like those listed below.  When students show an interest in an activity that is not already offered, new activities can be started.

Basketball ~ Declamation ~ Writing Club ~ Crafts for Holly Fair ~ Craft Club ~  Science Fair ~ Arts Fair ~ Band ~ Christmas Play ~ Spring Musical ~ Student Council ~ Video Club ~ Afterschool Enrichment



Grades 5 through 8 have Boys and Girls teams that play in the Catholic School League - East Conference.  The 2012-2013 season was a big success all around.   The Grade 6 Boys won the Championship.  The Grade 8 Boys came in second in the Championship playoff.  The Grade 6 Girls won the annual Diocese of Worcester Basketball Jamboree.


Declamation is an annual speaking competition, sponsored  by the Diocese of Worcester, in which students in grades 6,7, and 8 compete in several categories including poetry reading, prose reading, children’s liter

ature, original oratory, and  more. Declamation is a chance for students to show off their speaking skills, represent St. Mary School in competition with other schools in the Diocese, and maybe even win a trophy! Students practice during the year, and come together at St. Peter Marian High School on a Saturday in the spring for a Declamation Festival.  This year all the 7th and 8th grade students who competed returned with trophies!



Mr. Cook teaches Band to grades 4-8.  Their weekly lessons take them from the very first steps of putting an instrument together and learning how to read music all the way to performing in groups for the Christmas and Spring Concerts.



Spring Musical

The spring musical provides students in grades 5-7 with the opportunity to perform a fully staged musical for their family and friends.  Over an eight week period the students rehears up to three times a week after school learning music, staging and dance.  The rehearsal process culminates with a weekend of shows at the wonderful St. John's black box theatre.  Aside from learning about music, theatre and dance, students are able to use this opportunity to strengthen friendships in other grades, develop confidence and explore the importance of team work.

Christmas Pageant

Each year just before Christmas, EVERY SINGLE St. Mary School student and staff member get together to put on an awesome, meaningful, musical Christmas pageant.  Audiences are consistently impressed by the talent! 



Video Club

 Nine years ago St. Mary School established a Video Club in conjunction with Shrewsbury Media Connection. The purpose of the club is to train small groups of students in the basic use of video cameras, production skills and editing in order for them to tape and present programs for St. Mary School and the community. Participants of the club will develop teamwork skills, presentation skills, and media literacy skills. Video Club is for students in grades 5-8. Here is a link to some of our productions.

Student Council

Student Council is a group of elected students from each class from grades one to eight. The students from each class elect one male and one female. The student council members must be a model for the behavior of the other children at school. The reason our school has student council is so people from the classes who want to make a change can do so though the student council students. The members of student council meet once a month along with Mrs. Lukach, Mr. Moakley, and Ms. Barry to discuss growing ideas, issues or class requests. Things that the student council is currently talking about are: the bully box, canned vegetables at lunch and, morning arrival back up.



Saint Mary School's Service Club mission is to serve our God by helping our neighbors and living our commitment to Service Over Self.  

Service Club meets every other Friday after school beginning in late October.

To see what we did in our 2016-2017 year, please click here.