Nurse's Corner

Welcome to the Nurse’s Corner

Your school nurse is Mrs. Elizabeth ("Lisa") Powers.  She may be reached by calling 508-842-1601 or by emailing

 Our goal is to ensure the health and safety of St. Mary School students so they are ready to learn!


Immunizations & Physical Exams

Immunizations are an important part of keeping our student population healthy.    State health and immunization entrance requirements, set by the Department of Public Health, are listed below.  Except those with religious exemptions, students who do not meet the entrance requirements may be excluded from school.

    • Physical examination (on file with the nurse’s office)
    • Hepatitis B – 3 doses
    • DTaP/DTP/DT/Td/Tdap – 5 doses
    • Polio – 4 doses
    • MMR – 2 doses
    • Varicella – 2 doses.

Please make sure to forward an updated copy of your child’s physical examination and immunization records to the school nurse after each physical exam/ well child visit.

New students and students entering grades K, 1, 4, and 7 must submit a physical examination and immunization record within 30 days of the start of the school year.   

(A helpful hint:  If your child had a physical examination during the previous school year you can call their physician’s office and request this record be faxed to the attention of the Nurse at St. Mary School.  Our fax number is 508-845-1535.  If your child’s last physical was performed before the start of the previous school year, please make an appointment with your child’s physician for a physical exam and forward the updated records to our office.)

Health Screenings

Health screenings are conducted by the nurse’s office each year.  These screenings help the nurse to identify those students who meet criteria that may impair their ability to function at their optimum level in the school environment.  Screenings conducted are as follows:

  • Vision – grades K – 5
  • Hearing – grades K – 3 and grade 7
  • Height and Weight – grades 1, 4, and 7
  • Scoliosis – grades 5-8

When Your Child Is Sick

Any child with a communicable disease which is spread by contact, coughing, or sneezing, should remain at home.  Flu, strep throat, conjunctivitis, impetigo, and head lice are a few examples of communicable diseases.

Students who are ill during the night or in the morning should be kept home.  A child with vomiting and/or diarrhea must be symptom free for 24 hours prior to returning to school.   If your child has a fever, they must be fever free (without the use of fever reducing medication) for 24 hours before returning to school.

When Your Child Is Absent

Please CALL the school office at 508-842-1601 before 8:30am to report an absence.   Please give the following information:

  • Name of caller
  • Student’s name and grade
  • Reason for the absence

As the office answering machine is on 24/7, messages may be left reporting your child’s absence at any time.

Absences must be reported on a daily basis.

Medication Policy

Our medication policy complies with state guidelines for students who require medication during school hours.  All medications must be kept in the nurse’s office.  Administration of medication, both prescription and over-the-counter (Tylenol, Advil, Antibiotic Ointment, Cough Drops, Cough Syrup, etc.), requires a physician’s written order (see Printable Forms in Nurse’s Corner) and signed parent consent (see Printable forms in Nurse’s Corner) before any medication is administered. Parents must deliver and pick-up all medications.  Any medications brought to school by a student will not be administered.  All medications must be in their original containers with appropriate labeling. 

Please remember to pick-up all medications by the end of the school year.  Any medications left at school at the end of the school year will be discarded.

If your child has life threatening allergies and an EPI-PEN, please make sure to bring the EPI-PEN, physician’s written order/allergy action plan, and signed parent consent form (see Printable Forms in Nurse’s Corner) to the nurse’s office on the first day of school!