We are blessed to have a highly qualified, outstanding teaching staff. Our teachers are Massachusetts State certified and they hold advanced degrees. Each has the goal of guiding students to achieve their personal best by becoming independent, critical learners within a faith-based community.

Staff Directory

Amato, Grace Grace.Amato@stmarysparish.org  Religion Teacher Gr. 6-8
Beltran, Gabriel Gabriel.Beltran@stmarysparish.org Technology Director
Bigda, Karen Karen.Bigda@stmarysparish.org Gr. 4 Teacher
Borzi, Sr. Rosemarie Rosemarie.Borzi@stmarysparish.org Gr. 3 Teacher, Religion Teacher Gr. 3-5
Brookhart, Kathy Kathleen.Brookhart@stmarysparish.org Office Manager
Buffone, Lisa Lisa.Buffone@stmarysparish.org Preschool Teacher
Collins, Helen Helen.Collins@stmarysparish.org Gr. 6 HR, Gr. 5&6 ELA, Gr. 6 Social Studies
Corazzini, Margaret Margaret.Corazzini@stmarysparish.org Gr. 7. HR, Spanish Teacher
Cushman, Catherine Catherine.Cushman@stmarysparish.org School Nurse
 Demirjian, Melissa Melissa.Demirjian@stmarysparish.org Physical Education Teacher
Dolan, Cheryl Cheryl.Dolan@stmarysparish.org Gr. 1 Teacher
Ethier, Ellen Ellen.Ethier@stmarysparish.org Gr. 5 HR, Social Studies; Grs.5 and 6 Math; Gr.1-8 Technology; Gr. 7 Social Studies
Hannen, Michelle Michelle.Hannen@stmarysparish.org School Office
Hudson, Sandy Sandra.Hudson@stmarysparish.org Gr. 1 Teacher
James, Dana Dana.James@stmarysparish.org Gr 7-8 Math Teacher
Johnson, Colleen Colleen.Johnson@stmarysparish.org Gr. 3 Teacher
Kassa, Chantal Chantal.Kassa@stmarysparish.org Math Teacher Gr 5, 6, 7 and 8
MacDonough, Jeanmarie Jeannie.MacDonough@stmarysparish.org Principal
McLoughlin, Erin Erin.McLoughlin@stmarysparish.org Kindergarten Teacher
Moakley, Michael Michael.Moakley@stmarysparish.org Grs. 5-8 Science Teacher
Muzzy, Stephanie Stephanie.Muzzy@stmarysparish.org Advancement
O'Brien, Patricia Patricia.OBrien@stmarysparish.org Gr. 2. Teacher
Powers, Elizabeth
Rohanna, Mary
School Nurse
Preschool Teacher
Seraichick, Mary Mary.Seraichick@stmarysparish.org Gr. 8 HR, Language Arts, Social Studies; Gr. 7. Lang. Arts
Sylvester, Derek Derek.Sylvester@stmarysparish.org Music Teacher
Wiseman, Lisa Lisa.Wiseman@stmarysparish.org Art Teacher
Zybert, Susan Susan.Zybert@stmarysparish.org Kindergarten Teacher